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About Us

All Services Offered

New landscape design and installation service

Columbia tree service removal. Shrub and tree pruning, fertilization and care (tree trimming is limited to 16' by our crews)

All types of lawn maintenance - weekly, monthly, bush hogging, etc.

Organic and conventional lawn/landscape fertilizer programs

Seasonal tasks; i.e. spring clean-ups, summer trimmings, fall clean-ups

Tree moving up to 25' with some varieties. (Floatation tires for less lawn damage.)

Renovation design and installation; i.e. landscape lighting, ponds and waterfalls, decks, arbors, etc.

We are certified for brick pavers and wall systems, as well as "evening lights" design and installation.

Designs and certified nursery stock delivered for "do it yourself" installation projects.

Bulk delivery of soils, stone and mulches for your installation

Snow removal for the 2013/2014 season.

What We Offer


Fertilizing is scheduled at soil temps of 40 degrees and every 6 weeks after. Rounds 2-4 include weed control as needed.
Weekly: Mowing at proper height for conditions and debris clean-up as needed.
Monthly: Drive/walk edging, the first cut of every month or prior to holidays.
Landscape care: Begins with Spring clean-up and proceeds every 5 to 6 weeks.
Special events: Let us know, and we will schedule around events and see to it that your guests envy your beautiful yard!

March/April: Round 1 fertilizer with crabgrass control, 3-4 mowings, cultivate mulch, fertilize ground cover and bulbs, pre-emergent in beds.
May/June: Round 2 fertilizer with trimec, 8-9 mowings, trim bulbs, install annuals, fertilize all plants, trim as needed, edge beds, install mulch, re-apply pre-emergent.
July/August: Round 3 fertilizer with trimec, 8-9 mowings, weed beds, trim summer bloomers, non-bloomers and evergreens if hardened, pre-emergent as needed.
September/October: Round 4 fertilizer with trimec, 8-9 mowings, final evergreen trimming, perennial and annual care, weed beds as needed, cultivate mulch.
November/December: Round 5 fertilizer with roots, 5-6 mowings, assist mowing with leaf c/u, start cutting back perennials and annuals. After leaves are down, clean beds and winterize landscapes and ponds. Plant bulbs and fall trees.


Additional Notes

Weather is our big variable. There are sometimes 30 cuts, sometimes 34.

Even irrigated lawns have trouble with 100 degree temparatures and will be skipped.

Other times, rain will force us to cut twice in one stop (additional charges apply).

Trim work is done by bloom season and variety, so temps and rain influence this a great deal.

Our focus is to do it when it needs to be done, not in July just because we are scheduled to be there. Likewise, the perennials and annuals are tended "as needed" to encourage blooms and healthy growth.

You'll definitely notice the difference our 5-6 annual visits make versus the 2-3 other landscapers offer. We do targeted work projects with more flexibility to the seasonal requirements.

Better care = better value to you!

2014 Special patronage “Thank You”
For every season you have used Greenthumb Services as your landscape care provider, we will discount accepted bids on any project this year with an equal percentage rate.

2 Years = 2% off!
5 Years = 5% off!
10 Years = 10% off!