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Greenthumb Services Inc. appreciates the business you have given us in teh past, and we look forward to serving your gardening and landscaping needs in this, Greenthumb's 22nd season.

Greenthumb takes great pride in being your gardener and offers a program unique in format and style, tailored to your gardens and landscapes. Your satisfaction is our growth, and one more way we can stay as affordable as possible. Greenthumb's growth is based upon referrals, so please help us grow in your area.

The "Bid Rate" prices for 2013 were adjusted to reflect new equipment and staff changes made in late 2012, and have GONE DOWN!

Crew labor (two men, truck and fuel) will rise to $66/hour for mowing, debris and landscape care services to defray rising costs. This will change the labor part of any fixed rate in 2014, but materials will remain the same. Dump fees remain at $40.00 per load compost debris and $50.00 per load for construction debris (as we are being charged for fuel and environmental fees). Our fuel fees will be re-established at any fuel over $4.00 per gallon in 2014 if necessary.

We continue to remain your dependable affordable solution for quality gardening services and for all forms of landscaping.