Greenthumb Services
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What We Offer

March/April: Round 1 fertilizer with crabgrass control, 3-4 mowings, cultivate mulch, fertilize ground cover and bulbs, pre-emergent in beds.
May/June: Round 2 fertilizer with trimec, 8-9 mowings, trim bulbs, install annuals, fertilize all plants, trim as needed, edge beds, install mulch, re-apply pre-emergent.
July/August: Round 3 fertilizer with trimec, 8-9 mowings, weed beds, trim summer bloomers, non-bloomers and evergreens if hardened, pre-emergent as needed.
September/October: Round 4 fertilizer with trimec, 8-9 mowings, final evergreen trimming, perennial and annual care, weed beds as needed, cultivate mulch.
November/December: Round 5 fertilizer with roots, 5-6 mowings, assist mowing with leaf c/u, start cutting back perennials and annuals. After leaves are down, clean beds and winterize landscapes and ponds. Plant bulbs and fall trees.


Additional Notes

Greenthumb Services is no longer accepting clients, and is currently closed for business.